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Life in New York City is gradually emerging as we all continue to navigate our way through the evolving situation with Covid-19. 


Since March of 2020 I have been teaching all of my acting classes remotely via Zoom. In teaching these remote classes both through the Neighborhood Playhouse and my own studio I have had the opportunity to discover the best ways to communicate to my students through this new medium. Out of necessity, technical adjustments have been made so that the bedrock principles and artistic values of the work remain. Like a good actor, by being able to adjust to our new “moment” both the actors and myself have strived to maintain the high standards which we expect of each other. I am forever grateful for the commitment that these gifted individuals continue to make to learning and practicing their acting craft.


I will be resuming my In-Person acting classes as soon as is possible. At all times, I will be guided by the NYC and NYS recommendations regarding Covid-19 protocols.


***In keeping with this tenet, I will require all students taking any of my IN-PERSON acting classes to present me with proof of full Covid-19 vaccination.***


It is imperative that we all feel safe in the classrooms so that we can continue to work fully and freely.

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