The Meisner Technique

“Acting is the ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”
Sanford Meisner


​The Acting Training


The Foundation Level

The foundation level work is a gradual step by step process of actor training focusing on basic exercises and scene work which trains the actor to work organically with freedom, commitment and vitality.

The class meets twice a week and there are two separate sessions.

Session 1 runs from September to April.
Session 2 runs from January to July.

Admission: By interview
Tuition: $250.00/month

The Advanced Level

Building upon the basis of the foundation work the advanced level moves further into the areas of character work, interpretation, script analysis and advanced scene work.


The class meets twice a week and there are two separate sessions.

Session 1 runs from May to December. There are no classes held in August.
Session 2 runs from September to May.

Admission: By invitation​
Tuition: $250.00/month



New online rates are discounted for remote classes.

Meisner Summer Intensive

A six week introduction to the fundamental elements of the Meisner technique. The class begins with the foundation exercise and takes the student through the initial steps of the Meisner Technique. The class will meet twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from July 7-August 13.


Admission: By interview

Tuition for online class: $300 

Six Week Scene Workshop

A six week intensive scene workshop which takes the actor from table work to the full realization of a scene. The class is ongoing in six week sessions and meets Wednesday during the day. No previous Meisner background is necessary. 


Admission: By invitation
Tuition: $150.00/total


Audition Coaching
Call for appointment.

Rate: $75.00 per hour
Actor responsible for studio rental.

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